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Introducing the Busk Project

Busk is a project aiming to understand more about adults who imagine new possibilities for how they contribute value through their work, for their own good and for social good. What makes the pursuit of new possibilities challenging and what allows people to stay with the pursuit over time may open up insights about how to make it easier for people to get what they need. Though the project has nothing to do with music, the name takes its inspiration from “buskers” who open their instrument cases on the street and play.

Figuring out how to make finding and striking out in a new direction easier to tackle starts with learning about the goals and challenges experienced by people considering this kind of change, or who are in the middle of making life changes happen. You can help by sharing your story. Click her to share your story now.

For sharing your story with us, you will have access to additional resources put together to provide you with guides for that next step in your journey no matter the path. 

As mentioned above, all of the information you contribute voluntarily will exclusively be used to determine common challenges people face in order to put together comprehensive resources that will aid others with their goals. For more information click here.

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